the team


MADISON STEWART 25 year old Madison Stewart is an Australian known to her friends as ‘Pip’. She grew up with her father showing her the oceans and was diving from the age of 12. Madison’s fascination with sharks started early and formed into her main passion quickly. She always wanted to finish school and become a marine biologists but her plans changed when diving on the Great Barrier Reef and seeing first hand the decimation of local shark populations. Since then Madison has had one focus, activism.



Will Reilly, born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Co-Founded The Hooper Collective with Pip to put into action the belief that environmentalism can be practiced anywhere at anytime while creating symbiotic relationships between the natural and human world. A former Kayak guide and adventurer at heart, Will is currently getting his Masters in Business Administration from Xavier University where he is studying the most efficient and effective way for business’ to grow through sustainable practices.