The survival of this moment rests on donations; everything achieved by Madison Stewart in the past can be attributed to the generosity of the general public who donate to make the projects possible. With continued support we hope to not only further current projects and research but chase new leads and create new change.

Project Hiu

Project Hiu is an ongoing process. In addition to taking trips to Indonesia with tourists, work needs to be done to ensure we are helping the community and not just the occasional fishing boats. Donations go to food security and waste management, and our travel back and forth.


It is without a doubt the biggest ask and also the most essential part of what I do. In order to create content, we need the tools to do so. Footage is my medium for communicating my message to the world, my camera has always been the most powerful tool in my work, weather its filming the many things happening to sharks in order to raise awareness, or making cinematically beautiful images of them. I need to upgrade to a cinema quality production unit.


A huge focus of the Hooper collective is to research factors that contribute to shark attacks around the world and making these factors public information so we can better protect people from the very real danger of sharks. There is a noticeable separation between the people who fight to protect sharks and those at risk from them, which shouldn’t be the case. By sharing our knowledge and working towards protecting people we in turn help sharks. One huge focus is a project relating to linking the live animal trades that occur along the Australian coastline and their correlation to the increased presence of sharks and unprovoked shark attacks.


Testing for mercury and other toxins in shark meat is an essential move in having an impact on the shark trades around the world, but its also expensive. Funding to complete series of these tests is important and will help us continue to build a case, local and international, against the commercial harvesting and unsafe trade of shark meat.  


There are certain locations around the world we would like to travel to that require funding. These locations provide us with the opportunity to witness the shark fin trade first hand and raise awareness. Everything we have done in the past to document these trades has been used to build cases against companies that profit from them, or find alternative for the fishermen, and all made possible through donations.

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Fins targeted for the asian market - Version 2.JPG
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